The way buyers and sellers are looking at realtors today is changing, and not for the better. Consumers don’t think realtors are worth their weight making the market ripe for alternative options.

Less expensive options are throwing realtors under the bus by saying YOU aren’t worth the money. By less expensive options, I am referring to discount brokerages, flat fee offerings, for sale by owner companies, and other internte programs which are making it harder to earn a commission.

If you want to learn how to compete with these budget options, keep reading.

Remember, value takes the ice out of price. What I mean by that is the excitement of a cheap price tag doesn’t last as long as the bitterness over poor quality real estate representation.

You me be wondering, how you can compete? Well, let me tell you how to beat out the discount brokerages without giving up your commissions.

The key to winning the client is building a strong brand identity that appeals and builds a connection to your database.

You wouldn’t go to a budget dentist for a teeth cleaning to save a few bucks would you? Well, you shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to buying a home or seeking real estate services either. The tricky part comes with explaining this value to your audience.

We make that easy!

Rather than chasing cold leads, build lifelong relationships with clients. Our approach is establishing creative, consistent multichannel communication to your sphere of influence. Don’t let your brand be forgotten. Let us help make you unforgettable!

Agents can’t compete against giant real estate search engines, BUT they can create fun, helpful content that potential buyers or sellers will want to engage with. Once they see you can provide value, who do you think they will call when it comes time to buy or sell a home?

Agents with a strong brand don’t have to chase business. Business chases them.

Stop sending those turn back the clock emails and market updates. Instead, use your time wisely and learn how to hone your brand so it attracts new clients.

Check out HyperSphere Marketing. As the partner, COO, and Head Coach, I recommend trying HyperSphere to change your trajectory!