Value Takes the ICE out of price, especially when you deal with people who know, like and trust you and their referrals.  Beware of Discount Pirates.

Have you ever lost a listing to a cut-rate real estate
agency?  Do you dislike those discount

Is it really true that iBuyer companies want to do to real
estate agents what Uber and Lyft did to taxi cabs?  Disrupt their business model and put them out
of business.

Or, what about this one… Have you ever been asked by a friend
or a relative to take a cut in your commission to give them a good deal?

Today, we are going to discuss how to handle these
commission killers without losing your client or your career prospects. And, in
fact, while doing so creating a virtually limitless stream of viral real estate

Value takes the ice out of price.  When you build maximum value it minimizes
price.  Would you want to go to the
cheapest, most inexperienced dentist if you already knew, like and trusted an
experienced professional with the best technology to handle your dental

Are you worth it?  Are
you an industry leader in technology, follow up and social media?

We believe that technology and social media will never
replace Real Estate agents, however we strongly believe that agents that
embrace technology and social media WILL replace those Real Estate Agents who
do not embrace technology and social media.

It is critical in today’s radically different and dynamic real
estate market that you consistently deliver your brand message to your most
productive market segment.   We believe
it is mission critical that you can cultivate relationships within tribe, and
within the tribes of people that know like and trust the people in your
personal tribe.

Here are the facts:

  • People on average move every 6 to 9 years, on
    average every 7 years. This means according to the statistics, one of seven
    people you know (and know you) are moving this year. That equates to about 14%
    of your relationships. Business is right in front of you!  If you know 100 people, statistically 14 people you know who know you are moving each year
    How many of those available transactions did you do? If you know 200 double
    that number of available transactions, if you know 300 triple that number,
    etc., etc., etc..
  • Speaking of those transactions and commissions
    available, please note that there are 28 sides available in those transactions.  PLUS, some of those people had may have had
    to sell a house to buy a house and you could double side those if you got the
  • Here’s some more even more interesting
    information, 100% of the people you know, know someone they can refer you to.
    You know why? Because according to the numbers, most people know multiple
    people who are moving THIS year. If they each just refer you one deal that
    would be 100 deals available to you.
  • Therefore, the main focus of most successful
    Sphere Of Influence programs is not the direct business from their SOI, the most desired outcome is a viral
    referral program
    targeted through the people who know like and trust you.
  • The vast majority of business still comes in the
    form of referrals and repeat clients. Did you know 70% of consumers use the
    first realtor they talk to? Be first in and best dressed meaning get introduced
    to them by people they know, like and trust!

With all that data in mind, the primary goal of marketing in
your sphere of influence is top of mind brand awareness. Mindshare
matters.  In other words, it is to make
sure people know WHO YOU ARE and what you do.

When you create a brand that people know, like and trust,
you are less likely to lose business to those dastardly brokerage pirates and
their cutthroat agents. You are also more likely to gain business. You gain
business by nurturing, maintaining, and developing your core relationships.

Real Estate is truly a contact sport.  Your core relationships (Your SOI) are the
portal to developing an everexpanding tribe of raving fans who enjoy liking and
sharing your fun, informative and consistent media that is not annoying or

You will be surprised by the availability and numbers for
your SOI tribe

If you are wondering who your core relationships (your SOI)
are, the list is endless: friends, family, past clients, your dentist, your
accountant, your florist, your neighbor, everyone, your kid’s teachers, coaches
and their friends parents, you friends at the gym, etc.! This is why our agents
win because they are empowered by our Hypersphere
Viral Marketing
. We chase don’t chase leads, we attract and cultivate

Speaking of chasing relationships, imagine if you could
automate your mailers, texts, emails, video messaging, appreciation events and
social media. All of that automated! That’s what we help with. When you have
the attention of your database, everything else falls into place.

Remember, YOU are the brand, not your broker. Don’t let your
personal brand get forgotten. Your brokerage should be more of a public
relations, marketing and customer service department that creates an
environment for you to win in. The truth is, what matters is YOU, not the brand
name of the broker who they may never meet.

Are you interested in learning how to take advantage of YOUR
sphere of influence? Are you ready for some viral gravy for your meat and
potatoes? Give us a call.

Modernize your database marketing plan today with HyperSphere Marketing. Hypersphere Your Career and dramatically change your career trajectory.