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Hi, I’m John, the Real Estate Coaching Dude!

“My goal is to help Realtors® discover and create the best version of their business and themselves by  helping them successfully execute  the real estate career they want, need and deserve.”

My Story

John Monaghan is a coach, author, Realtor® and the COO of Sellstate Partners.  John has been an international C Level executive, teacher, and an award-winning coach with a wealth of experience in real estate, team development, sales, marketing, education, and professional sports coaching.

Among his successes, the winning of the 1995 American Resort Development Association Gold Medal Award as “Vice President of Sales & Marketing”, and the co-winning of the 1999 ARDA Gold Medal for the “Complete Sales & Marketing Campaign of the Year.” John has published a book on South Florida Real Estate and authored several articles on marketing, resort sales, technology, and sports education.

The Coach earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Education, has done graduate work at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas in the Hospitality College where taught at the hotel school. John has coached amateur and high school sports in America and coached club and professional basketball in Australia.  He is a licensed Realtor® in the USA, Australia, and NZ as well as having held a securities dealer’s license in Australia and New Zealand.

Fun Facts


having taught and coached at the high school and university level; and has coached professional basketball in Australia.  In addition to Real Estate John has coached baseball at the amateur, high school and semi-professional level in the USA. 


of a book on South Florida Real Estate and has published several articles for the American Resort Development Association publications.  


chooses the beach over the woods. If you have to wear socks or you can see your breath, it’s time to get a ticket back to South Florida.


The Banyan Resort in Key West.  That’s where he worked and met his wife in 1984.  It was love at first sight.  They are also owners at the Banyan Resort which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

My Approach

I  will show you how to take traditional Real Estate sales and marketing results to the next level, professionally discovering the wants and needs of others

 Creating a mutually beneficial alliance.believe you can have fun and make money by consistently creating a mutually beneficial four-way-win. Using my ” Guided Discovery method.

“John Monaghan challenged me”

John Monaghan is the quintessential coach and trainer. As a sales consultant for a Fortune 500 company, I was fortunate to have John Monaghan both as the Regional Director of Sales and Marketing and my personal trainer/coach.

His wealth of knowledge, experience, and intelligence was instrumental in shaping my sales career and culminated into making me one of the finest in the company and indeed in the industry.

John Monaghan challenged me as a sales professional to be the best and to think creatively. He instituted in the company the notion of Continuous And Never-ending Improvement (CANI) and his doctrine of Guided Discovery amongst others.

He is a repository of public trust and confidence. As a sales professional, I benefited immensely from his emotional intelligence; I learned from him how to interact with my clients in a different and solution-driven dimension.

Overall, a retrospective look at my sales career will indicate that I would not have been a success without the guidance and mentorship of John Monaghan.

In my current profession as a lawyer, the foundation of my discovery is based on the Guided Discovery principles I learned from John Monaghan. If you want to get to that next level and reclaim your true potential, then John Monaghan is the right person for you.

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