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What Is Real Estate Coaching?

Real Estate coaching provides customized and structured coaching and training programs for real estate agents, team leaders, real estate brokers, and their teams.  Coaching provides online courses, podcasts, training materials, speaking events, video modules, real estate training books and especially one on one training that increases sales productivity and personal satisfaction.



Who Is Coaching For?

For you, whether you have years of experience and want to level up or you’re a real estate newbie. Everyone can you use some coaching and guidance. To have an extra  pair of experienced eyes and ears to provide a different perspective that will help you level up in your business can be a game changer.  

What Is The Process Like?

We start off with a “Deep Dive Discovery” session including a DISC Behavioral Profile which leads into brainstorming a personalized  1-3-5 Business Plan.  Then, if we both choose to go forward together we set an Execution/ Accountability Schedule

What got you to here, likely won’t get you to there!

  • Deep Dive Discovery &  DISC

  • 1-3-5 Business Plan Session

  • Execution & Accountability

About Me

The Real Estate Coaching Dude, John Monaghan, is a Realtor® and Coach with over 30 years of successful international and domestic real estate sales, marketing and development experience; in addition to professional coaching and teaching.

The Coaching Dude is a proven, international award-winning executive, speaker, and author who is focused on leveraging coaching. digital marketing, personal branding, and hyper-local farming to maximize productivity and personal fulfillment.

John has a BS in Education, is an accredited coach with ICC Consulting™ (Brian Eisenhower) and is affiliated The Real Estate Marketing Dude (Mike Cuevas). 

“My methodology is to help Realtors and Brokers to modernize/optimize their digital curb appeal by leveraging their personal brand in order to build the real estate career they want, need and deserve. 


John has been coaching me off and on for 33 years, ever since we met working together in Australia and what I’ve learnt from him has been invaluable! He delivers a wealth of knowledge (gained in the trenches worldwide, not PowerPoint fluff!) and a proven methodology for driving your personal growth, branding and marketing. You can trust John to have your best interests at heart and coach you to get the results you want!

Marc Carriere

Managing Director, Marketing Tactics

I can’t thank John enough for all his teachings and guidance in my professional and personal life over the years. We worked together in Fiji and Australia, and his leadership and knowledge steered our resort to the top producing sales site in the company. John is an exceptional teacher: he is passionate about sharing the knowledge he has gained from all his works, travels and experience around the world.

Valerie C.

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